Monday, April 14, 2008

I believe this is my first posting for the year 2008. Since it is my blog, I don’t really have to explain myself to anyone of what so ever on why I haven’t been writing. Also, as if I got fans whom constantly checking my blogspot for any new posting. If there are any fans out there that really did so, I should be polite and apologize. So…sorry la to my fans.

A lot have been happening since December 2007.

First, my political mind has been constantly stimulated by YM RPK of Malaysia Today. I know, I know... it is so not like me to only take from only 1 source of input without making any other comparison from another source. Truthfully, I why I stayed loyal to only this 1 source? It is because I fail to find any other source of sensible and logical thinking. Those other sources of information seem to be just another source of annoyance or entertainment to me.

Anyway, personally RPK reminds me of my own father when I was still living in the innocent world. Now, my father only keeps on giving me this “little advice”. He goes “what have you been reading and what gossip have you been telling your mother? She has been talking to people and I don’t think its wise for her to do so. She’s a government servant..” , and so the little advice goes on. He makes it sound as if we are living in Tehran and freedom of speech is something dangerous. Well, can’t really blame him for giving his 2cents from such point of view. He was also once a victim of a dirty political scheme. I might be too young on the happening of such event, but I can feel that it scarred him.

Secondly, my own comment on my last posting titled “The Unthinking Majority”. On 8th March 2008, the unthinking majority gave me a super huge surprise. They prove me wrong, leaving being “The Unthinking Minority”. Nope, that title is not really that correct. How about “The ones living in Oblivion?” No..No… Nope… This have gotten more complicated now, its not like they don’t think or living in the world of lies. I could feel like everyone is thinking now, in political sense. However, their ideology or the truth of what they stand by that makes the different. Well, whatever dever, I’m just proud that most of the people around me are using their brain for better purposes and not only for their daily errand running purposes only.

Okie, thirdly, we have talked enough about my pregnant mind that is heavy with political baby. Now I refer to my human baby. My Akachan Ningen. My bundle of joy that have this talent for football, kungfu and tai-chi (the kid can kick, man!).

Anyway, another funny stunt that my little one have been pulling off for quite a while now, on every ultrasound, he/she have been hiding the private part from us. Little trixy! (just like the mother I guess).

I’m now 36weeks, reaching the home-run. Truthfully? I’m really bored of 3rd trimester. So can I have the baby now? Wondering if I can harass my doctor to perform scheduled Cesarean or induced labour on me? I don’t think anyone would understand my seriousness on this issue (Unless the person reading this is also a first time mother like me).. The sleepless night, the frequent urination, the backpain, the pelvic pain, edema (its not the green Soya bean served at Japanese restaurant, edamame. Its water retention-swollen ankle)…and Aiyak, another contraction…its called Braxton-hicks contraction. Fancy name for false alarm contraction.

What is going on now in my womb? Quote from Wikipedia:

Your baby is now about 20 inches long and weighs about 6 lbs. Your once wrinkly baby is looking more and more like a plump newborn. Her growth will slow down now in preparation for birth but she is looking pleasantly chubby. Her cheeks are fuller and she has developed strong muscles that enable her to suck and also add to the filling out of her face. She may even have cute dimples on her elbows and knees and creases in her neck.

In terms of readiness for birth, baby is pretty much all systems go, with the exception of one thing: her digestive system. As she has been getting all her nutrition through the umbilical cord, her digestive system has not yet been operational, although it is developed. It will take the first year or two of baby’s life for it to become fully functional.”

Ahhh..isn’t that cute…Conclusion here, isn’t the bun suppose to be ready now? I got my emergency bag all packed. Even the baby bag is ready, filled with cute nappies and all the required and essential baby stuff.

My hubby has also been pulling off some cute stunts. Maybe just nervous or anxiety or excited to be a father. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him by sharing on the details in my blog. But then again, maybe some other day, I might.

Finally, work..hmm work…I’ll share that part some other time lah. Suddenly having this serious attack of lethargic. Yes, it happens to pregnant ladies!

TO BE CONTINUED…(work, stupid boss, stupid boss with smart mouth, stupid boss vs motherhood/working mom, my future plans for further studies, my very own family)


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