Friday, May 18, 2007


The most destructive habit......Worry
The greatest Joy...................Giving
The greatest loss..................Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work.........Helping others
The ugliest personality trait.......Selfishness
The most endangered species...............Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource.....Our youth
The greatest "shot in the arm".......Encouragement
The greatest problem to overcome.........Fear
The most effective sleeping pill......Peace of mind
The most crippling failure disease....Excuses
The most powerful force in life......Love
The most dangerous pariah.............A gossiper
The world's most incredible computer.................The brain
The worst thing to be without.... ....................Hope
The deadliest weapon...................The tongue
The two most power-filled words.............."I Can"
The greatest asset.............................Faith
The most worthless emotion...............Self-pity
The most beautiful attire.................SMILE!
The most prized possession........... Integrity
The most powerful channel of communication.......Prayer
The most contagious spirit...............Enthusiasm.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What made me feel so good today?

I made the person who made me happy, HAPPY!

10th May 2007, after I posted my blog on “Adults, learn from the children of what you have forgotten”, I decided to have a happy meal for lunch. The meal makes me happy and so, I decided to give the toy car (from my happy meal) to the boy, son of the street vendor.

The next morning on the way to work, I woke up 100%ly excited to meet the boy. I was really looking forward to give the toy to him. However, he was no where to be found. All I saw was the DBKL lorry. They must be hiding from the DBKL officers. Damn!

Everyday as I go by by the same route, anticipated to see the boy. But, he was no where within my sight. I was at the point convincing myself that the boy might actually be an angel. Yet, I keep on looking out, scanning through the crowd for that boy on the way to work.

Today I saw him. With enthusiasm I rush to him, not taking any chances that he might disappear from my sight.

When I approached him, he was simply still busy playing all by himself with 2 cylindrical paper roles. He must be imagining that he is a ninja or a robot. What a sweet child.

Then I called him and said “Adik, ni untuk adik”, and I put the toy car on the concrete apron. He looked at me with a confused face, and then gave me the most joyful smile I’ve ever seen. It almost made me cry. Then the guy beside him said “Cakap terima kasih, kakak”. The boy did not say a word; instead he became busy exploring his new toy. I just smile and walked away.

As I walked away, my eyes filled with tears.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Are WE having a HEALTHY Obsession?

Before beginning this, I read all of the websites for pro-ana, for weight loss and many other things about people obsessing about being FAT. It was with sadness that I noted several people around me struggling with the physical and psychological effects of obesity, or overweight, or being over-fat, all terms used by us in explaining this FATness MADness we are facing.

However, many of us ever noted of people like me, who’s struggling to keep a healthy weight without being called SKINNY or bulimic?

Oh, I’m surely people will look at skinny people and pass such great judgement. “Look at that fragile thing, she must be ill or something”, or “Woah, does she puke everytime after meal?” Even my mom said to me when I went to visit her last week, “God, you’re skinnier than ever! Are you even eating?”

It is my sincere desire that I wish to gain more of what is appropriate weight to my body. I want to be having a healthy behavior when I look in the mirror and pass judgment upon myself. Then only I can walk confidently on the street without worrying about what people is thinking about me.

And so….I urge everyone to think before they place any label upon anyone they may encounter as they go about their daily activities.

Actually, my truthful opinion, whatever God created is already beautiful. If we criticize it, I believe that we are then a SHALLOW thinker! However, if that fat person is acting like a PIG, which is a totally different thing. If we pass judgment on such person being fat because he/she is a pig, I believe that it is permissible. WHY? Because I’m am 100% sure that God would never created a person to have a PIGGY attitude. God is beautiful and so He created beauty. God is loving and merciful and so He would never impose such negative attitude on His creation.

What should we really be looking forward to? YES, better HEALTH! Can’t we all shift our focus from WEIGHT OBSESSION to HEALTH OBSESSION!

We MUST remember that OUR Body is OUR Own Temple—Could It Be Time for a Refurbishment? It is totally up to us. We are the ARCHITECT. We are the Interior Designer.

How lavishly do we want to furnish the TEMPLE? That bring to more questions such as:-
Why Exercise is Important? Lose the "One Size Fits All" Mentality? Developing My Plan for the best physical for ME! Your Personal Approach of being healthy?

Adults! Learn from the children...of what you have forgotten..

It took me quite a while to get rid of a writer’s block that I’ve been having for the past few weeks. Maybe I’ve been writing too many reports for work, causing my free writing to become numb.

On the way to work this morning, I was in the usual mood. It is the usual mood for someone that is commuting to work. Stress. Anxiety. Excited to start work for the day. Worries and heavy thoughts fill the head.

As I walk down my usual commuting route, I saw a boy, about the age of 5 year old, playing along the pedestrian walkway. His mother must be one of the ladies that are selling breakfast by the walkway. He looked so happy and lost in his own world. Just by looking at him made me smile. His happiness suddenly filled my heart, causing me to feel lighter. No worries were in my head anymore, only left were the positive thoughts.

Suddenly, what Paulo Coelho wrote in his book titled “The Fifth Mountain”, came into my head. 3 lesson of what we can learn from children:-
· Be happy for no reason.
· Be busy all the time (with the fun stuff that you enjoy).
· Demand what you want with all of your rights.
FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch