Monday, February 19, 2007

BOMBING is the latest FASHION; wear one.

19th February 2007, 1.30pm News on the TV...Bombing everywhere all over the world.

Bombing in a train in India, more bombing in Middle East, and bombing in southern Thailand.

All of this concludes to only one thing; Bombing is the latest fashion in voicing out your opinion, desire and needs.

YES, and that is what we have achieved today. Everyone seems to have lost their voice. They have also lost their ability to think better too. Everyone believes that bombing is the best in trying to make the world hear them. Everyone believes that by killing innocent lives… will make their voices louder than the tears resulting from the bombing.

Then… we will continue bombing each other. BOMB here... Bomb there…because it’s the only way our voice will be heard by the world.

The next thing we know, if the groceries store in my neighbourhood does not sell a particular brand of chili sauce….. I believe that someone will barge in screaming “ YOU better start selling it again or I will trigger this bomb”.

Now… another question arises, WHY BOMBING?

Maybe we would first ask Mr. Bush because the started the bombing trend. The chain reaction is just something to compliment his effort I believe.

It just takes a Muslim that schooled under a tree to make a bomb and terrorize the US government and maybe who ever else that has nothing to do with Mr. President’s decision. And it takes people with a high school diploma or certificate to figure out that all Muslim are terrorist.

Then there… where will it ends?

Whatever happens to the education of moral or aqidah?

Whatever happened to better thinking?

Have we abandon thinking and resort to emotions?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It OK to be upset, but please don't judge when you are in that particular mood. It will back fire on your conscious.

Its 8.05am, and the particular monorail station was again found packed with humans of the “rat race”...and again the petite woman stand in a line of approx 25 people in front of her. 2 days in a row, the monorail service has been getting from bad to worse. Trying to amuse herself, the particular petite woman listen to the MP3 through her mobile phone; trying to imitate the singer of the particular song as if she is doing the video clip.

The monorail sure is late today, after 15mins waiting and the monorail is still no where in sight. Surely there is a problem with the system. Yet, no announcement being made by the monorail's administration.

It’s now 8.20am and it surely is getting hotter as these humans sandwiched each other to “kiasu”ly push their way into the monorail that have just arrived. The poor petite woman was having a hard time being squashed in the crowd. However, she went out from home today being fully prepared. She fore go her sense of fashion and wore a “CROC's Mary Jane” (the truth it’s an imitation of the CROC'S) to walk to work.

At 8.45am, the petite woman finally was standing in a line in which there are only 4 people in from of her. She felt a bit of relief, with a hope that she won’t be late for work. To increase her level of patience, she took off the vest she's wearing for the day. Instantly she felt a great cool breeze against her back.

Enjoying the moment, she continued smiling while listening to her MP3. Suddenly, she felt an uncomfortable bulge against her back; it felt like a very large tummy. With the corner of her eye, she looked and saw a 40ish -50years old man was standing very closely behind her.

Trying to comfort herself, she tried to think that the guy was just being pushed by the “kiasu” people behind him. That was it...

But then, there it is again, another brush of tubby and this time the petite woman could feel something else that is a bulge...and then there it was again...and again... "YOU TUB OF PERVERT LARD!” she screamed in her heart. “HENTAI...ERO-SENIN...BAKA BAKA” she continued cursing in her heart.

She wished to turn around and asked politely for him to step behind a little, but instead she made a step a bit to the front. Seeing the petite woman made a slight move, another woman that is standing beside her move. The petite woman was then squashed by that lady, resulting of her to feel angry and gave a stern look at the woman. “You try to slip further to the front, izzit, you short girl? You little IMP, I squash you, then only you know” the woman said in her heart to the petite woman...“I am not trying to cut your line, I just need to be away from the OLD TUBBY”, she replied with her mind.

During the tense “staring contest”, the monorail arrived. The crowd started to “kiasu”ly move towards the opening door of that sadistically small train. The petite woman was pushed off from her balance and there was no other way but to let she fall. Panic and the only sentence coming out from her mouth was “Ya Allah”… over and over...until there was an arm that stops her from actually falling to the floor. The arm pushed her back to the best vertical point for her to gain her balance. Being thankful, it became clear to her that the arm belongs to the OLD TUBBY, in which now she called NICE OLD MAN. She wanted to thank him, but she felt shy.

At 9.05am, Along with the mixed emotion, she was now standing at the front most of the line with the NICE OLD MAN beside her. She late for work, she's grateful to the NICE OLD MAN, she's still upset over the HENTAI matter, and also the “kiasu” fight with the woman. All she could do was staring at her footwear while waiting for the next monorail to arrive to the station. There was also a sudden announcement on air by the monorail's administration, saying that there have been technical faulty causing distances between each arrival around 10-15mins...then the announcement keep on coming on air for ever 3mins. Wow, it was annoying.

At 9.20am, the petite woman finally got her monorail ride to work and reached the office at 9.30am.

So what’s the moral of the story? We are pretty much sure that the petite woman did learn a few lessons for the morning commute incident. How about you?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thinking is YOUR birth right?

Freedom of choice? The right to self-government without interference from outside. Sovereignty..

But what happens when we put our freedom at the hands of our ruler, the one that governs us. Your independent right was left to the right of voting.. In the end the voice of majority wins…leaving the minority to another level of frustration and agony… Well then, is the Independent person is not supposing have the freedom in thinking, freedom in expressing oneself? What ever happen to our birth rights?

"And if you want freedom, what is freedom without responsibility?.. Freedom without responsibility is anarchy?” quoted from a very famous leader of quite of a famous country.

Anarchists are those who believe that all people are imbued with a sort of commonality, common sense, that would allow for people to, in the absence of the government, come together in agreement to form a functional existence. Morality falls in line with functionality, and its forms differ. Anarchy does not reject ethics, or principles, but rather imposed morality.

For individualist anarchists, "the system of democracy, of majority decision, is held null and void. Any impingement upon the natural rights of the person is unjust and a symbol of majority tyranny." Its an assembly rather than democracy. The argument now is that existing democratic governments are justified by majority consent.

Again majority. Could there be once that the majority realise that they might be voting for the wrong decision?

Sovereignty over your own thoughts…now think…..think hard..

Now then, do we actually have the right to self govern ourselves?

dream VS vision! who wins?

If you are exploring something new, being a bit out of the norm and it caught people’s attention, you will be called a visionary. But then, at the second time you do the same thing, people might call you anarchist. Then if you caught their attention the third time, they surely will call you insane.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Change Could Do U Good?

Could there be changes without anyone disagreeing on it?

Could there ever be big changes without anyone getting hurt along the way?

Try to understand that you are here at the present time. And the things around u change in the same way that you change them in your mind… This is what the power of thinking.

Thinking makes the difference. In order to develop these changes, you have to penetrate the invisible world and develop the true power of your mind. You have to learn to control your subconscious mind...

You have to live in the present, the here and now. Control you mind and thoughts, then look at the horizon.

What is actually the horizon? It’s the bigger picture. The bigger picture in your life...

There, then only you will find the answer and the changes will begin...

FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch