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Top Gear Bugatti Veyron Lap Time

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Cool Poem- Bittersweet

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I want to be supermom too, with having weird kids around me..

Brad Pitt recently revealed to Oprah that his 2-year-old daughter, Shiloh, has developed a small quirk - wanting to be called John instead of Shiloh!

She only wants to be called John. John or Peter. So it’s a Peter Pan thing,” he says. “So we’ve got to call her John. ‘Shi, do you want …’ – ‘John. I’m John.’ And then I’ll say, ‘John, would you like some orange juice?’ And she goes, ‘No!’ So, you know, it’s just that kind of stuff that’s cute to parents, and it’s probably really obnoxious to other people.”

Brad also shared that juggling six kids requires careful planning and definitely seems to eliminate any hope of any quick outing,

“We don’t go to the mall. It’s like a half-an-hour just to get everyone buckled in and make sure they’ve got their snacks, and Z.Z. [Zahara, 3 1/2] has got a blanket and Shiloh’s got her silky,” he says.

Luckily, partner Angelina is “militant about it. She’s right on top of it. Thank God, because I’m always forgetting something.”

Brad also added that his kids are “the funniest people I’ve ever met. And you know it really tells you — it’s a great mirror for yourself. It really tells you a lot about yourself and who you are and how you react to things,” he goes on. “They make me better. They make me a better person as a father.”

The Oprah interview airs tomorrow, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is out Christmas day. In addition to Shiloh and Zahara, Brad is dad to Maddox, 7, Pax, 5 this month, and 4-month-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

truthfully, i teringin sgt nak ade anak ramai..maybe 5 biological & the rest nak amil anak angkat(nak cari anak org susah, with or without parent)...and i want to breastfeed them all..

Friday, November 7, 2008

Queen of the Damned - Forsaken 2

take my hand now..be ALIVE!!

Queen of The Damned - Forsaken

something sexy for friday evening...

i shall never be forsaken!!

CHANGES finally can do me GOOD

changes that me likey:

  1. uncle pete (RPK) free!!! (but i feel like ade udang di sebalik batu gak ni)
  2. uncle obama is the new guy in the white house (now its a black house or colorful house my dear Americans)
  3. i got to pursue my masters in construction law , Jan 09 intake!! (take that u sucker in JR Knowles/Hill International). MELBOURNE here we come!!
  4. miya started on solid food (so now i dont have to struggle to express milk that often for her to drink while i'm at work) miya loves carrot+kurma puree, garlic+rice+pead porridge, rice+kurma porridge & apple puree. Miya chub chub...

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Yngwie Malmsteen - Icarus Dream Fanfare with Orchestra

something to cheer me up while feeling stuck in this "pinch'

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miya darling, read this and please be proud-Mama's breastfeeding guide (part 4)

After i started breastfeeding my own child, i realized the wondrous creation of got. how the heck did the milk get there..like suddenly its being produced in the alveoli(sounds like pasta name eh?) and WALLAH...it flow faster as the suckling child desires.

Yet there are still many misconception regarding the knowledge of breastfeeding. How something so natural can be so misunderstood?

So i decided to start a breastfeeding blog..actually its more of an online library of mine. collection infos regarding breastfeeding. Its something that I'm using as a quick ref for personal use and now i decided to share it with some friend on a breastfeeding forum. www.susuibu.com

Since i don't really have that much of $$, kachiiing or moooolah... to do charity. i just feel obligated to share my knowledge with other. with that i hope that i get Allah's blessing & miya will be proud of me.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Miya darling, read this and please be proud-The First feeding (part 3)

The new mother waited anxiously in her hospital suite.

“Where’s my baby?” she asked the nurse. She just smiled.

A nurse came in with the baby and said “we’re going to help you feed the baby now”.

As the nurse placed the child to the mother’s breast, everything happens naturally. That little mouth quickly search for the mother’s nipple and had her first meal. It might sound bourgeois, but seriously no words can describe how a mother feels to be able to provide the best for her child during breastfeeding.

This is when the mother has a skin to skin contact with the child,
This is when they can hear each other’s heartbeat.
This is when both felt as if they are one again, just like how the baby was in her womb.
This is when both souls bonds.


"When we trust the makers of baby formula more than we do our own ability to nourish our babies, we lose a chance to claim an aspect of our power as women. Thinking that baby formula is as good as breast milk is believing that thirty years of technology is superior to three million years of nature's evolution. Countless women have regained trust in their bodies through nursing their children, even if they weren't sure at first that they could do it. It is an act of female power, and I think of it as feminism in its purest form."
----- Christine Northrup M.D.

*to be continues-part 4: SUPERMOM in the making

Miya darling, read this and please be proud-The labour (part 2)

She woke up to a very uneasy feely at her bulging belly.

“Ah..Contraction. Damn you braxton hicks!” she said jokingly.

She went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water and saw the sink filled with dirty dishes from lunch.

“Damn, why didn’t I did the cleaning before taking a nap..Ouch,…another braxton Hicks.” She sighed and did the cleaned the dirty pots and plates.

“Ah..another contraction. Oii..this is too close apart. Am I in labour?” she asked herself.

So she walked into the living room, sat down in front of the TV and start timing her contraction. She used the back of a used envelope to jot her contraction counts.

1st Contraction to 2nd Contraction- 5mins apart
2nd –3rd Contraction- 18mins apart
3rd – 4th Contraction-3mins apart
4th-5th Contraction- 11mins apart

“okie, I don’t think this is the real thing.” She relaxed a bit. Stretched her arms to loosen up a little bit and saw on her right 2 basket of clothes yet to be folded or ironed.


She continued doing the contraction counts along while folding the clothes for about 2hours. When her hubby came into the living room and saw the long column of the “counts”, he asked “what’s with the numbers?”. She calmly explained the function of the contraction counts. He asked with a concerned tone “Should I be worried?”. She laughed and said she doesn’t know the answer to that.

Both were hungry. So they had coffee and biggu apru donuts while watching anime, and also at the same time the hubby did the contraction counts. Each contraction was 4-7mins apart with no consistencies for around 50mins. Then it reduced to 10-15mins gap. So they continued watching anime until 8+pm, when both were hungry and decided its time to go out to find a nice dinner. Again she kept saying “Risotto!”.
She went to the loo for before beginning their journey to hunt for dinner. That was when she discovered that she’s bleeding. She didn’t panic (she think). She came out from the bathroom with this huge smile, which look more like a grin, and said to the hubby “I THINK I’M IN LABOUR?” . His answer was “Err..WHAT?”

“Purse, checked! Hospital card, checked! Emergency bag, checked! Baby bag, checked! Pregnancy book for dummies, checked! Dinner? Erm..would u like to stop somewhere and “ta pau” dinner?” she said to her hubby.

“Errr..we see lah along the way.’ He replied.

She didn’t feel any pain until…the pain really came. She was waiting in the car while the hubby ta pau some kay eff shee.

It hurts? Yes it hurts until tears roll down. Long inhale, short exhale. Long inhale, many many short exhale. Suddenly the pain went away.

The hubby entered the car. She said “it hurts”.

10pm. There was no contraction..no painful contraction until they reach the labour room. The midwife that examine her told her to go back, since there was no contraction. But then to be sure, she decided to check for dilation.

“Oh mummy, your 6cm opened!” she exclaimed and continued “we’ll call your doctor now and lets prepare for labour. Daddy you go register her for admission”.

Chills running down her spine. Confused, scared and excited.

‘Sayang, why don’t you that the things in the car and have your dinner here while I prepare for labour.” She instructed her hubby and he did as told.

After she’s all prep for labour, the million dollar question pops from the mouth of the midwife, “Do you want any anesthetic mummy?” . She answered her question with another question “How’s the pain gonna be like?” and so she answered “whatever you feel now, the pain will increase more intense and maybe later have to feel the stitches while the doc sew you up. So whats its gonna be mummy?” Again she answered her with another question “what do you have?” the midwife answered “gas, normal jab and epidural. So mummy?”. Again she answered the question with another question “what? Is this some kind of a cocktail?” and with a smile “Epidural please”.

11+pm. As the epidural kick in, she felt at ease and realized she’s tired. The midwife told her to take a nap as later she will need a lot of energy to “push” and so she did as told while her hubby enjoys his fried chicken in front of the TV in the labour room.

As he’s about to finish his meal, the midwife suddenly grew alarmed and put in the oxygen mask on the mom-to-be. She woke her up and told her to take long deep breaths and said the baby’s heartbeat is dropping rapidly. The mom-to-be’s heartbeat increased rapidly. “God… please save my baby!” she prayed.

“Take deep breath mommy. Come on, take deep breath for your baby. Don’t worry mommy the doctor is on his way. Deep breath mommy. Daddy come here, were preparing for labour. We will just waiting for the doctor and we will need to do the “vacuum” to help the baby out faster”.

11.55pm the doctor entered the labour room, looking very serious. Greeted the hubby nothing more than a smile and said “hi”. With a calm voice, he instructed the midwifes to get ready for the big event.

One of the midwife now has transformed to a cheerleader while the other aid the doctor.

“Ok mommy. PUSH..PUSH HARDER..PUSH! Ok mommy relax. Ok mommy PUSH.. PUSH..PUSH, your are not punshing enough. PUSH for the baby mommy, PUSH.”

And so the midwife repeat such like over and over and over and over.

Suddenly the mom-to-be felt relieved. Felt empty.

“HUH?” she said.

Then she was. Her first born, the doctor placed the infant on her tummy.

A baby. Her baby! And all she could say.. “Huh, BUDOK! Huh, she got hair? She’s MINE!”

The new dad perform the Qamat at the newborn’s ear.


*to be continued: part 3- Miya's 1st feeding

Miya darling, read this and please be proud-Pregnant mind heavier than pregnant mom (part 1)

The minute she found out that she have a “mini me” in her womb, her mind instantly grew heavily pregnant. Her 5 weeks pregnant mind carried the 1001 thoughts of a 9 months pregnant lady.

“This cannot be”, she thought. Such thought sound like a dread, yet she is happily smiling.

“This will ruin my plans of the next 3years”, she added, yet she just feel like jumping with joy.

“I’m not ready to be a mom”, she fretted, yet she is excited to tell the whole world that she is pregnant.

“This better be worth it”

* Her weight at 5 weeks pregnant-38kg (pretty much underweight, even for a petite woman)

That was only her few most common thoughts within her 6th week of pregnancy and that was also when the dreadful 1st trimester’s most awful morning sickness lurks in the body.

“Who was the smart@$$ named this thing as morning sickness, while the sickness lingers the whole day?” she said everything she holds her head over the toilet bowl to gag her guts out.

“This is worst than being bulimic and so I promise myself that if I ever have to deal with overweight problems, I won’t resort to bulimia”, she console herself.

“This better be worth it”

*Her weight at the end of 1st Trimester- 32kg (skins & bones, even the dog wont be interested)

Luckily, the Oby/Gyne specialist that is giving care for her is a very understanding and charming mature man. From the numbers of his “silver” collection on his head, he could be in his 50’s… or could he be younger, but the stress (of being a person that have to rush in the middle of the night to deliver babies) has turned its back on him?

Why she chooses him to be his Oby/Gyne? In her pregnant mind she thinks that men never really know how pregnancy and labour pain feels like and so they will be very very very sensitive over the complaints that pregnant ladies have to “shout out”.

Then 2nd trimester came. As expected and as written in the book “pregnancy for dummies”, the 2nd trimester is more of the honeymoon period for the ladies. She has the appetite of a hungry t-rex and she can eat like a one with not guilty consciences hanging over your head. She can take a nap at anytime of the day, without other people being judgmental. She can laugh or cry when she feels so without feeling crazy or fragile. She can shop at anytime she wants without worrying her husband complaining about the credit card bill. She even attends a professional exam held by the Charted Institute of Arbitration and passed with flying colours. She reads. She knits. She is cheery at most of the time. She has this glow. She cried happily when the baby gave its first kick.

“This is worth it!” she shouts.

*Her weight at the end of 2nd Trimester-44kg

3rd Trimester came. She bloats, yet she gloats. She farts with her whole heart. She sneeze and she pee. Her feet are swollen and most of the time it feels like its broken. So she frets as she dreads. She foregoes high-heeled shoes, she foregoes big bags, she foregoes make-ups… and so She foregoes fashion.

“Ah..None of my shoe fits.”

“Oppsie..i gotta poopsie..Oh no..it was just gas.”

“I think I need to pee again in the next 5mins. This is my 3rd pee session in 30mins”

“F@&k*&g traffic jam, I gotta pee!”

“My back hurts”

“Damn you Braxton Hicks!”

“I got sleeping problem, I have to wake up every hour to pee.”

“Okie, none of my pants fits. Can I wear sarung to work?”

“Oii anak, no kicking pls or else mama will pee in her pants again”

“My back hurts.. I can’t sleep”


And the most famous line she repeats like a broken record....

“Are we there yet?”

On 36th weeks she keep on saying, “I feel like eating risotto”. The hubby asked “when and where?”. She asked “where can we find a real good risotto?” The hubby answered “I dunno I’ve never had risotto before.” This dialog repeated everyday until the 38th week.

*her weight-48kg (proudly looking at her hubby and said that’s the heaviest she have ever been)

She went for a final check up at 38th week on a Saturday morning and she declared to her Oby/Gyne, “I think we’re ready. Don’t you think so too?”. He smiled and said, “if nothing happens, come in on Monday night say 9pm, we’ll see what’s next.”

Happily she went home and had a nice dinner at Zenbon Zakura Kristal with her husband, parents, her favorite uncle and auntie. They ate, they laughed and they were all merry.

The next day she did her usual chores. Hoping to get most of the housework done before she goes into labour. “Laundry, checked. Kitchen, checked. Bathroom, checked. Guestroom, checked. Study room, checked. Floor….floor. I think I’ll rest for a while and do some knitting,” she told herself. They had lunch and after that she decided since it’s only around noon, maybe she can take an afternoon nap and do the floor later.

Its 4pm when she woke up asking herself “is that a braxton hicks or real labour?”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ISA not nabi Isa

quote from some1's blog:

The ISA is against Islam for it violates the principles of truth and justice as mentioned in the Holy Book of Al-Qur’an in Chapters An-Nisa’, As-Syura, and An-Nahl, verses 58, 15 and 90 respectively. To arrest and detain a person only and only on the basis of suspicion and without trial, without opportunity to defend oneself is forbidden and considered haram in Islam. Even if the Government wishes to detain a person for preventive purposes, the matter must be decided in an open court. Detention without trial - without the opportunity to defend oneself in an open court - violates the rights and denies the guarantee that Islam provides to all individuals. The guarantee is that everyone has a right to freedom and well-being.

no writing, just miya's lastest pic

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100th day

today is the 100th day since Miya came into my world.

the sun shine on her cute face and i when she smile, the whole world vanish, leaving just the two of us.

i wish to tell her the the sun is shining today just for her.
this corner of the earth smiles because she smiles to the world.

tomorrow i promise i shall write something meaningful, so that one day my daughter will be proud of it. i want her to say "my mama wrote that".

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Uncle, My Elvis

I’m at the office completing the report that Master Yoda assigned to me. The mp3s that keep me sane suddenly caused me to have temporary insanity. Elvis song was on.

“Maybe I didn’t treat you, quite as good as I should have…Maybe I didn’t love you,
quite as often as I could have. Little things I should have said and done, I just never took the time…you were always on my mind…. You were always on my mind”

Tears shed. Tears still flowing…

He was like a father to me. The minute his heart stop, I wish my heart would stop too. But that is not the way for a Muslim to be thinking. Yet, I dare not kiss him goodbye. I dare not see his face. I dare not go to his burial. I simply dare not.....Maybe I'm just being selfish. I don't want to let go. So I don't need closure...I don't need to let go...

No...this is not right.This is not how I should continue my life.

Moreover I’m a mother now. I have to be stronger… and also I know he would want me to be stronger too. He would want me to love my child much more than how he has loved me. He would want me to be there for my child as how he has been there for me.

Acik keep on telling me not to cry coz Uncle Mi wouldn’t want me to cry. It would be better for him if I do not cry.

Yet, my heart wonders:

· Did I ever make him proud?

· Did he know how much I love him?

· Did he know how much he meant to me?

I guess I'll get the answer when I meet him again. He'll be looking much more handsome than Elvis for sure.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Malaysian: the pull string society?

Find the little evil perpetrator and feed him to the hungry alligator.
Those politicians want it all;
Politics are all about profits,
the riches in your dreams raped by them...

Like what one Lebanese-born Armenian-American singer once sang;

“The arms of time are breaking off, Civilization is on trail, The clocks eliminating time, Do you believe in me...”

Yes, we've been walking through these dead farms,
But WE don't mind,
I've been screaming through these dead lungs,
But no one up there hears...

We don’t need your hypocrisy, execute with democracy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blooming Flower Princess

Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I not a human to you?

Okie.. lemme give a sneak peek of what I have to write about the stupid VP of this company. Yes I have been a very patient person when it comes to his ways. He is a very abusive person. He abuses me mentally. Not just me, but also the other staff that is in his “least favourite” list.

Tell me how you would feel if your boss no longer views you as a person. He sees you as a cash cow.

I used to bring in at least RM10,000 a week into the company (40hours x my cheapest chargeable rate RM250) . Since I got pregnant, my productive hours had decreased due to my human incapability. Now I have reached my 38th weeks and also with not much job in hand (I believe it’s sort of our short recession), I believed I bring in only about RM1,040 –RM2000 a week. The immediate director (master yoda) that I report to since day 1 think it is better that I relax most of the time and just help him with some ad-hoc task. He can’t give me some heavy task that might drag for the next few weeks or months because I’m DUE soon. He even told me to do some self-enrichment study when I have no job to work on.

So I did. I spent most of my hours reading books relevant to Construction Dispute, in which I believe would improve my skills and add my knowledge. With that I know I can contribute better.

Even more, everyone thinks it is no good for me and the baby to be building up stress at this stage. So no one wants to give me any heavy task to work on and since we are all in the same team, I really appreciate their thoughts for being so understanding.

But then the VP thinks differently. He thinks I can do such reading on my own time and not at the company’s expense. He thinks it is my fault that I have no job to work on. And.. he thinks if I really have nothing to work on, I should start to take my leave.

What the …..? (Fill in the blanks as desired)

When he speaks to me of this matter, he really knows on how to choose his words well. Each sentence could imply different meaning if other people hears it. But as for me, I know what he really meant.

He said he’s concerned if I am not able to meet my forecast target this year. What would the USA office thinks? (like duuh…everyone knows I won’t meet my forecast target set by the USA office this year, that is because I will be on maternity leave for 2months.)

He then wonders if I am interested in my career growth. Not meeting my target forecast, would mean I won’t be promoted, no increment and no bonus. (Double duuuh…where does this guy learn management benchmarking?)

Well whatever it is, this incident really fired me up to pursue my Masters degree in 2009. I will resign and “upgrade” my knowledge level, coming back as a new and improved me. Then we see if I wanna join this team ever again.

Anyway.. lemme make it clear, I’ve been staying here long enough because of Master Yoda. He is a master that no Padawan could ever betray.

Do you filter?

Innuendoes and insinuations or are really points of substance. I kinda like that phase, picked it up from RPK’s posting.


My mind tends to be easily overloaded these days. Yes, not only I am pregnant body and soul. My pregnant mind is also heavy.

As I am writing this, I feel it is important for me to tell you that this child in my womb is having a hiccup. Why? I dunno, just feel like telling you. Also I’ve been drinking camomile tea the since 10.30am. Again why? I dunno, but it does give me this feel good factor.

Back to my pregnant mind.

I have decided that I will not write about my cunt boss (did I wrote cunt? I mean cunning), until perhaps when the baby is out. This is because I have decided to block him from the important part of my mind. I shall use the important part of my mind to prepare myself for labour.

So now, why is my mind still heavily burdened by unstoppable barrage of thoughts?

I am troubled by the attitude of the people that makes the world. Well actually, I have been troubled and I guess I am still troubled by these people that makes the world.

As a child, I keep on complaining to my father on how disappointed I am of my aunties and cousins. Their ways and thinking really bothers me. Imagine that, a child complaining about how adult or elder should act.

We live in a small town in Cameron Highlands and from there I came to a conclusion that geographic does play important role in shaping one’s way of thinking. I blame the climate there for these people’s shallow mind or so called traditional thinking. You know, since its cold…so its kind slow down the blood circulation to the brain a little bit. Next, I blame the terrains for these people’s PHD syndrome (Perasaan Hasad Dengki). Some people have better cars to travel around and the one that cannot really afford a car that fits the terrains there will end up building a nest for the green devil in their heart. However, in the end, the only consolation that my father ever gave me was “these are the people that makes the world. It would be boring if everyone thinks and act the same as how you want them to be”. True..true..true…

Aiyak..contraction…break for a while..to be continued…..


Okie, my break took longer than expected.

I had a bad contraction on Friday. Totally drained me to the bone. I was forced to take a half day leave to have a rest at home. To fully describe my situation of that day, please imagine a wilted lettuce with my face on it. Yup..Yup..Yup..

And then, of course I don’t write on weekend.

Now here I am, Monday morning at the office. Again more waiting for labour to come.

I have just finished watching “the BLOG” on youtube. The so-called HARDTALK in RTM version. My hero was the guest. My conclusion of the program? It was good for a laugh. I felt this certain feeling that, these pro-government people at the pro-government TV station decided to invite RPK for a decent tongue slashing session. The host, being a malay, I believe that he was trying to stab the guest with indirect question. More or like a “contra proferentem” thing, where the meaning implies differently against the bringing forth. Memang melayu dia seloka, manis bicara dan halus bahasa. (quote from Ahli Fiqir)

Anyway, back to the real thing I wanna talk about. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKES THE WORLD.

Yes, these people are the colours of the world. The ones that makes the difference.

People’s belief, People’s ideology. People’s norm of life. People’s way of thinking.

These are the colours. That makes the world a more interesting place. There are times that theses colours could create a nice rainbow, but there are also times that the colours clashes and make us dizzy.

Try to imagine each person on earth as colours and each colours can be brighten and dimmed according to the mood or emotion of a person. These colours when nicely paired or matched will bring a certain harmonious feeling. These colours, even when paired with certain contrast colours, will bring a certain vibe to the surrounding. These colours when wrongly paired can bring a very irritating effect on a person that is looking at it.

The world will be a boring place if we only see monotone colours. But not everyone has the ability to appreciate these vibrant mixtures of colours. So what can we do?

My suggestion? FILTER.

Filtering in photographic can work wonders for the person that is taking the pictures.

Quote from wikipedia:

“Filters allow added control for the photographer of the images being produced. Sometimes they are used to make only subtle changes to images; other times the image would simply not be possible without them.

The negative aspects of using filters, though often negligible, include the possibility of loss of image definition if using dirty or scratched filters, and increased exposure required by the reduction in light transmitted. The former is best avoided by careful use and maintenance of filters, while the latter is a matter of technique; it usually will not be a problem if planned out properly, but in some situations does make filter use impractical.”

So filtering, it is good because you can choose to see what you want to see. But… if you are used to using filter all the time you might get too comfortable and start to neglect the truth.

Whatever option you choose to use, there is still the good side and the bad side. However, you just need to know on how to cover your backside from being bite by the reality. Yes, reality bites.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blame the hormones, like how BN blame the bloggers.

Pregnancy hormones can pay 1001 tricks on you, no matter at what trimester you are in.

I’m in my 3rd trimester and since yesterday evening, I realized that I’m wearing this really annoying character.

I’m easily irritated and it caused me to be this annoying bitch(no no. Can’t use the word bitch. My bestfriend will be upset if she knows I’m taking over her title). Then what other adjective should I use to describe myself in this current situation? Later I figure out something la.. Maybe “MAK BUYONG ON THE NOOSE”?

Anyway, I think I did abuse some of the people that I have interaction with in this week.

Identified victims:

· My HUBBY (having to bear each moment of my constant complaining, blabbering and annoying request)

· Shirley& Julie (They just being sweet as they are, but there are times I think I make them feel uncomfortable with my complains)

· Lai Hong (not entertaining or reacting to her 1001 complains like how I used to)

· Malcolm (not looking at his face when answering his questions. Eg. Dah makan? Are you ok?)

· The Malay girl in the loo (coz I farted out loud in the toilet cubicle while she’s performing her ablution in the next cubicle. She must have felt disgusted and wanna vomit, but what to do? I’m pregnant. I have gas.)

· The toilet itself (for being so smelly. Wonder what are these people eating? Pheweee… making me want to puke)

· My best friend BITCH (for being a pregnant bitch, like me)

· All smokers that love to abuse their lungs and at the same time thinking it’s cool to pollute my lungs too.

· Stupid UMNO people and any other people out there that seems to be obsessed with pigs. (They are the creature of God too.. Boo, you whore!)

· Harun, my darling pet piggy. For being a pig.

There are also other people that I fantasize to abuse, verbally and physically. They are:

· The guard and the staff at the management office of the condo that I’m staying now.

For what, for being so stupid and not know the appropriate thing to react on urgent and dangerous matters. Why I choose to abuse them? Because, I came home to my apartment yesterday evening finding that my whole apartment was being filled with Gas. Yes, Gas..Gas we use for cooking. What happen was, the pipe connecting the tong gas to my stove got loose and came off…

As we were airing the house, the condo security guards came to our unit. My husband entertained them. I’m not in a stable mind to handle other people. My head was too “serabut” and I keep on thanking god that my piggy is still alive. If anything happen to him, I’m sure I’ll be in a great stress. (Wonder if it would induce labour?)

After they left, my husband told me. The neighbors have been complaining about the smell of the leaking gas since afternoon.. HUH? AFTERNOON! Lucky for us that there were no smokers around or some mischievous kid came to play with fire around our unit.

Now, now..Why am I still angry? Because I keep in having this flashes of events in my head on how things could have turned out to be. A crispy burnt condo unit with my dead piggy inside. What’s worse? We would endanger our neighbors too.

So now another question, why didn’t the management office call to alarm us of the situation?

· The second person I love to abuse right now and perhaps for the rest of my working days in this company, my boss.

Actually as I started writing this posting, I have a lot to write about him. But, I think today is not the appropriate day to open up his can of worms/maggots.


Anybody can conclude the lesson to be learned here?

(Please submit your vote before the next UMNO general election)

A) pregnancy hormones can turn you into a bitch

B) pregnancy hormones can make you realize and view things better

C) pregnancy hormones makes you have guilty conscious

D) beware of incompetent security guards and property managers

E) pregnancy hormones makes you hate your boss

Monday, April 14, 2008

Me..me..me..my baby..my hubby..me..

I believe this is my first posting for the year 2008. Since it is my blog, I don’t really have to explain myself to anyone of what so ever on why I haven’t been writing. Also, as if I got fans whom constantly checking my blogspot for any new posting. If there are any fans out there that really did so, I should be polite and apologize. So…sorry la to my fans.

A lot have been happening since December 2007.

First, my political mind has been constantly stimulated by YM RPK of Malaysia Today. I know, I know... it is so not like me to only take from only 1 source of input without making any other comparison from another source. Truthfully, I why I stayed loyal to only this 1 source? It is because I fail to find any other source of sensible and logical thinking. Those other sources of information seem to be just another source of annoyance or entertainment to me.

Anyway, personally RPK reminds me of my own father when I was still living in the innocent world. Now, my father only keeps on giving me this “little advice”. He goes “what have you been reading and what gossip have you been telling your mother? She has been talking to people and I don’t think its wise for her to do so. She’s a government servant..” , and so the little advice goes on. He makes it sound as if we are living in Tehran and freedom of speech is something dangerous. Well, can’t really blame him for giving his 2cents from such point of view. He was also once a victim of a dirty political scheme. I might be too young on the happening of such event, but I can feel that it scarred him.

Secondly, my own comment on my last posting titled “The Unthinking Majority”. On 8th March 2008, the unthinking majority gave me a super huge surprise. They prove me wrong, leaving being “The Unthinking Minority”. Nope, that title is not really that correct. How about “The ones living in Oblivion?” No..No… Nope… This have gotten more complicated now, its not like they don’t think or living in the world of lies. I could feel like everyone is thinking now, in political sense. However, their ideology or the truth of what they stand by that makes the different. Well, whatever dever, I’m just proud that most of the people around me are using their brain for better purposes and not only for their daily errand running purposes only.

Okie, thirdly, we have talked enough about my pregnant mind that is heavy with political baby. Now I refer to my human baby. My Akachan Ningen. My bundle of joy that have this talent for football, kungfu and tai-chi (the kid can kick, man!).

Anyway, another funny stunt that my little one have been pulling off for quite a while now, on every ultrasound, he/she have been hiding the private part from us. Little trixy! (just like the mother I guess).

I’m now 36weeks, reaching the home-run. Truthfully? I’m really bored of 3rd trimester. So can I have the baby now? Wondering if I can harass my doctor to perform scheduled Cesarean or induced labour on me? I don’t think anyone would understand my seriousness on this issue (Unless the person reading this is also a first time mother like me).. The sleepless night, the frequent urination, the backpain, the pelvic pain, edema (its not the green Soya bean served at Japanese restaurant, edamame. Its water retention-swollen ankle)…and Aiyak, another contraction…its called Braxton-hicks contraction. Fancy name for false alarm contraction.

What is going on now in my womb? Quote from Wikipedia:

Your baby is now about 20 inches long and weighs about 6 lbs. Your once wrinkly baby is looking more and more like a plump newborn. Her growth will slow down now in preparation for birth but she is looking pleasantly chubby. Her cheeks are fuller and she has developed strong muscles that enable her to suck and also add to the filling out of her face. She may even have cute dimples on her elbows and knees and creases in her neck.

In terms of readiness for birth, baby is pretty much all systems go, with the exception of one thing: her digestive system. As she has been getting all her nutrition through the umbilical cord, her digestive system has not yet been operational, although it is developed. It will take the first year or two of baby’s life for it to become fully functional.”

Ahhh..isn’t that cute…Conclusion here, isn’t the bun suppose to be ready now? I got my emergency bag all packed. Even the baby bag is ready, filled with cute nappies and all the required and essential baby stuff.

My hubby has also been pulling off some cute stunts. Maybe just nervous or anxiety or excited to be a father. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him by sharing on the details in my blog. But then again, maybe some other day, I might.

Finally, work..hmm work…I’ll share that part some other time lah. Suddenly having this serious attack of lethargic. Yes, it happens to pregnant ladies!

TO BE CONTINUED…(work, stupid boss, stupid boss with smart mouth, stupid boss vs motherhood/working mom, my future plans for further studies, my very own family)
FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch