Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh..No..No..No! All Wrong! Its PRE-OCKU-PAYED!

“Bloggers are liars, Bloggers are women... All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.. Bloggers are unemployed. Bloggers should never deserve a real day job. Women are liars. Women are unemployed. Yada yada yada”

-quote from many many blogspots, which I looooove to visit.

The war of MOUTH armed with spiteful WORDS. The so called GOOD vs the called EVIL. The RIGHT against the WRONG.

As a Blogger, I did get offended by those statements. Moreover, as a women, I got hurt even more, thinking that educated people does not know on how to appreciate women. The situation is totally different from Pink’s song, “STUPID GIRL”…

But as a human, I got more offended by the idea of these intellectuals or brainy people having to argue over those hurtful statements. Politicians, Ministers and government officials being condemned by the most rational thinkers. Then in return, these people that was being condemned come up with another statement to the public, in which most of the times does not give the answer (apologies) demanded by the intellectuals.

However, I believe that everyone is entitled to express their opinions as much as their right to vote or not to vote. Also this should interpret that the blogsphere are just places for people to express their opinion. Should one opinion be argued upon, then it should be called a forum, a dialog, a debate or even a philosophical gathering. And for it to actually work better, you should have a face to face dialog and test each other’s real wit. The dare to say something harsh to someone’s face.

I was once told by a wise person on the internet that “WINNING AN ARGUMENT OVER THE INTERNET IS LIKE WINNING THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS”. At that moment, I did laugh my head off. However, not as I grew older, it made a whole lot of sense. The conclusion there, either way, if you win or lose in the argument over the Internet, you are still a retard.

Why I dared to say so? Because in the end, it might be just a matter of philosophical war. And if we follow the usual sequence of philosophical discussion, usually we will, in the end find that….. “THERE IS NOTHING GOOD OR BAD, BUT THINKING MAKES IT SO”.

I cannot really remember who said that, but I do like the sound of it. If you probe too much over a topic, an object or a person… you will tend to find the good and bad. The perfect and the flaw. However, if u still ponders upon it for too long, u might find that manure smelling as sweet as the rose, or tend to believe that too much sugar can never cause diabetes.

Part II – Parenting By the WORLD

I was deeply touched by a documentary called “the Children of Congo”.

Life in Congo is bad. Only desperation could force families to cast children into the streets, and, as a nation, Congo is one of the most desperate places in the world. With 80 percent of the population earning less than $1 a day, Congo has one of the poorest populations on the continent. It also has one of the youngest. The average life expectancy is 41. Even though 1 out of 5 children dies before reaching the age of five, nearly half of Congo's population is under the age of 14.

So now, what do these children in the streets do to survive? They joined the armed groups! They get free food and military training. Imagine that!

A child as young as 7years old with a rifle in his hand. When being asked of what does he think of being is such position, he replied “I feel proud and safe. I get the proper training to protect myself and I get food to eat. It’s either me killing people or being killed by the world.” What a mature answer! I bet, we, the ones being properly raised by our parents, could only come up with such answer when we have reached a certain level of maturity, adulthood. We, who have good parents, would never know the true meaning of desperate.

Unlike the children of the street and children of Congo, they got mature due to their surroundings. They never get the chance to think like a child. They can only think of ways to survive, in which accelerate the maturity level.

At least 11,000 children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are still with armed groups or remain unaccounted for despite a demobilization campaign. Concluding the fact that there are 11,000 children being as mature about life, because they have been raised by the cruel world.

So now, compare us to the Children of Congo, have we reached that maturity level yet?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Who makes better PARENTS, the HUMANS or the WORLD? Part 1 (Parenting by a HUMAN)

We are in Cameron Highlands visiting my parents for a week. Home, a place that helps me to refresh my thinking.

However, I and my husband had trouble going to sleep last night. I think that the night was a bit hot and he thinks it’s cold.

One simple thought that was troubling me this whole one week, and the simple question would be “will I make a good parent?” So we started talking about this matter hoping that it will make out mind grow tired and finally let our body rest for the night.

Moreover, I am now a bit troubled by my 14years old brother going through a rebellious stage. He is constantly pulling up gimmicks in the attempt to hog attention from everyone around him. Recently, he fractured his knee for the third time within the period of less than 6months. Then before this incident, he was put under disciplinary action because of indecent act in public places with a girl a lot older than he is, the girl in which he had showered with luxury gift such as a branded handphone. From where did he get the money? Then about a year ago, he decided to take my Papa’s Mini for a quick spin and got into an accident with a newly painted taxi. The poor cabby got emotionally crushed seeing his new paint job damaged by this 146cm tall boy.

The both of us agreed that we have seen many people with many different upbringings. Some parents were good parents and the child grew up as expected. However there are some good parents that ended up having rebellious children. I have also seen bad parents with bad children, but I have also seen bad parents with children that can be called as the most successful human being.

So now, does parenting require the characteristic of being good or bad to produce the stereotype outcome expected from a growing child? Or, it takes a great whole of luck for the child to actually make it as a useful human for the future?

Examples; my parents. Me and my 2 younger brothers grew up differently, bonded well even though in a very weird way, while developing our own particular character and our parents have never agreed that they are good parents. Yes, I agree that they are not good parents, but I would also agree that they are better parents. My grandparents on my mom’s side, I believe that they are great parents because they are also the ones that contribute to who I am today. However, I wonder what went wrong because I really don’t like the way my aunts and uncle have turned out to be. Was it their parents’ upbringing or the world’s parentings have started to influence them?

I’ve been reading a few books on parenting, the psychological theories and also the religious teachings, resulting of making me feel like breaking away from this general rule of thumb. It has also slowly building up this fear in me of should I even have any children.

With my new career just starting, I’m getting confused of when to have my first child. And, if in the near future, I decide to try for a baby, who would I trust to take care of my little one? Would I take a year off from work? Would I come back straight to work and get my Mama or mum-in-law (I call her Ma) to be the nanny? Or, should I fight to have a day-care centre at the office. There are times I wonder if I’m living in denial.

But then again, what is the purpose of having children if you are not the one that is taking care of them? I might need and extra hand. A little help from Mama and Ma could do me good, but now, do I actually trust them in taking care of my child.

So now, does humans makes better parents?

….to be continued in PART 2 (is the world a better parent?)

Ladies, the world should thank us!

we started as the daughter...then become the sister....then become the wife..and then the mother.....bringing more daughters...that will become a sister (like us)...that will come a wonderful wife and a mother to the future world...
FUCK YOU UP!!! son of a bitch