Monday, September 22, 2008

Miya darling, read this and please be proud-The labour (part 2)

She woke up to a very uneasy feely at her bulging belly.

“Ah..Contraction. Damn you braxton hicks!” she said jokingly.

She went to the kitchen to get a glass of cold water and saw the sink filled with dirty dishes from lunch.

“Damn, why didn’t I did the cleaning before taking a nap..Ouch,…another braxton Hicks.” She sighed and did the cleaned the dirty pots and plates.

“Ah..another contraction. Oii..this is too close apart. Am I in labour?” she asked herself.

So she walked into the living room, sat down in front of the TV and start timing her contraction. She used the back of a used envelope to jot her contraction counts.

1st Contraction to 2nd Contraction- 5mins apart
2nd –3rd Contraction- 18mins apart
3rd – 4th Contraction-3mins apart
4th-5th Contraction- 11mins apart

“okie, I don’t think this is the real thing.” She relaxed a bit. Stretched her arms to loosen up a little bit and saw on her right 2 basket of clothes yet to be folded or ironed.


She continued doing the contraction counts along while folding the clothes for about 2hours. When her hubby came into the living room and saw the long column of the “counts”, he asked “what’s with the numbers?”. She calmly explained the function of the contraction counts. He asked with a concerned tone “Should I be worried?”. She laughed and said she doesn’t know the answer to that.

Both were hungry. So they had coffee and biggu apru donuts while watching anime, and also at the same time the hubby did the contraction counts. Each contraction was 4-7mins apart with no consistencies for around 50mins. Then it reduced to 10-15mins gap. So they continued watching anime until 8+pm, when both were hungry and decided its time to go out to find a nice dinner. Again she kept saying “Risotto!”.
She went to the loo for before beginning their journey to hunt for dinner. That was when she discovered that she’s bleeding. She didn’t panic (she think). She came out from the bathroom with this huge smile, which look more like a grin, and said to the hubby “I THINK I’M IN LABOUR?” . His answer was “Err..WHAT?”

“Purse, checked! Hospital card, checked! Emergency bag, checked! Baby bag, checked! Pregnancy book for dummies, checked! Dinner? Erm..would u like to stop somewhere and “ta pau” dinner?” she said to her hubby.

“Errr..we see lah along the way.’ He replied.

She didn’t feel any pain until…the pain really came. She was waiting in the car while the hubby ta pau some kay eff shee.

It hurts? Yes it hurts until tears roll down. Long inhale, short exhale. Long inhale, many many short exhale. Suddenly the pain went away.

The hubby entered the car. She said “it hurts”.

10pm. There was no painful contraction until they reach the labour room. The midwife that examine her told her to go back, since there was no contraction. But then to be sure, she decided to check for dilation.

“Oh mummy, your 6cm opened!” she exclaimed and continued “we’ll call your doctor now and lets prepare for labour. Daddy you go register her for admission”.

Chills running down her spine. Confused, scared and excited.

‘Sayang, why don’t you that the things in the car and have your dinner here while I prepare for labour.” She instructed her hubby and he did as told.

After she’s all prep for labour, the million dollar question pops from the mouth of the midwife, “Do you want any anesthetic mummy?” . She answered her question with another question “How’s the pain gonna be like?” and so she answered “whatever you feel now, the pain will increase more intense and maybe later have to feel the stitches while the doc sew you up. So whats its gonna be mummy?” Again she answered her with another question “what do you have?” the midwife answered “gas, normal jab and epidural. So mummy?”. Again she answered the question with another question “what? Is this some kind of a cocktail?” and with a smile “Epidural please”.

11+pm. As the epidural kick in, she felt at ease and realized she’s tired. The midwife told her to take a nap as later she will need a lot of energy to “push” and so she did as told while her hubby enjoys his fried chicken in front of the TV in the labour room.

As he’s about to finish his meal, the midwife suddenly grew alarmed and put in the oxygen mask on the mom-to-be. She woke her up and told her to take long deep breaths and said the baby’s heartbeat is dropping rapidly. The mom-to-be’s heartbeat increased rapidly. “God… please save my baby!” she prayed.

“Take deep breath mommy. Come on, take deep breath for your baby. Don’t worry mommy the doctor is on his way. Deep breath mommy. Daddy come here, were preparing for labour. We will just waiting for the doctor and we will need to do the “vacuum” to help the baby out faster”.

11.55pm the doctor entered the labour room, looking very serious. Greeted the hubby nothing more than a smile and said “hi”. With a calm voice, he instructed the midwifes to get ready for the big event.

One of the midwife now has transformed to a cheerleader while the other aid the doctor.

“Ok mommy. PUSH..PUSH HARDER..PUSH! Ok mommy relax. Ok mommy PUSH.. PUSH..PUSH, your are not punshing enough. PUSH for the baby mommy, PUSH.”

And so the midwife repeat such like over and over and over and over.

Suddenly the mom-to-be felt relieved. Felt empty.

“HUH?” she said.

Then she was. Her first born, the doctor placed the infant on her tummy.

A baby. Her baby! And all she could say.. “Huh, BUDOK! Huh, she got hair? She’s MINE!”

The new dad perform the Qamat at the newborn’s ear.


*to be continued: part 3- Miya's 1st feeding


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